by Henry Farrell on September 9, 2004

“Best. Blog. Ever.”:http://fafblog.blogspot.com/2004_09_05_fafblog_archive.html#109473871601998017



Katherine 09.09.04 at 3:44 pm

Indeed. Heh.

You know, I think Gary Farber may have missed something in his hard-hitting search for Fafnir’s identity:

Fafnir may have assumed corporeal form as an adorable stuffed bunny, but he is actually a Norse God.


McDuff 09.09.04 at 6:00 pm

It’s taken you this long to realise that?

And you call yourself an academic! Fie and phsaw, I say!


Jimmy Doyle 09.09.04 at 8:09 pm

No question Fafnir and co are totally fuckin hilarious and often on the money. But their penultimate post, “oh no! i am a terrorist!” seems to be based on an inaccurate, out-of-context report of what Cheney said. Hard to believe that Cheney could have meant something less bad than the worst thing he could have meant, but if you take a few deep breaths and ponder the evidence, the proof is irrefutable, as the Great Robert Palmer once said.

In any case, Chris Onstad’s blogs for the cast of Achewood are the best blogs ever. I thought everyone knew that.


Andrew McManama 09.09.04 at 8:14 pm

Yes, definitely the best!


Jimmy Doyle 09.09.04 at 8:21 pm

Sorry, forgot to document the claim about the Fafnir-Cheney post. See



Jeremy Osner 09.09.04 at 8:44 pm

Jimmy — I guess we are all in agreement then that the best bloggers are stuffed animals.


Jeremy Osner 09.09.04 at 8:45 pm

Jimmy — I guess we are in agreement then that the best bloggers are stuffed animals.


JP 09.09.04 at 8:47 pm

Jimmy Doyle:

Check this out.


Jeremy Osner 09.09.04 at 8:50 pm

Woo-hoo! It feels deliciously transgressive to ignore the warning beneath the “Post” button… All these months I’ve been fastidiously pushing it only once — I did not have the strength to ignore the warning, push it two, three, many times!


EB 09.09.04 at 8:51 pm

When they went on vacation a little while ago, I nearly busted a gasket. “The Daily Show” and fafblog are the only things standing between me and a permanent mental spasm.


ac 09.09.04 at 9:56 pm

Jimmy, this occurred to me when I read the full comment as well.

The problem is, what does he mean in that case? Is he really saying that the danger is not in actually getting hit again, but in whether we react in the right way? That seems like a pretty trivial concern.

My take is that Cheney constructed his statement to give himself some weasel room, but that he clearly intended the impression that the AP read into it.


Gary Farber 09.09.04 at 10:01 pm

Don’t forget the revelation of the dancing Fafnir (or is it Giblets?).

Authentication here, amongst other places.

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