New CT corporate HQ?

by Chris Bertram on September 18, 2004

Mira Bar-Hillel has an “interesting piece in the Spectator”: about the way in which English Heritage has undermined its own role by backing a deal not to reconstruct the Baltic Exchange in the City. I did a little googling to find out what the old building looked like and I was surprised to discover that the whole thing is up for sale in a dismantled state! Not on ebay, but on a web page of “Complete Large Buildings for Sale”: (scroll down). I happen to think that the Baltic Exchange would serve nicely as a new Crooked Timber corporate headquarters, though getting my colleagues’ agreement on location might be difficult.



Barry 09.18.04 at 1:36 pm

The USA, obviously. Then all of you Brits (and Aussies – we can’t tell the difference) will get the deference which comes from the accent.

There should be *lots* of cheap, newly opened real estate in Florida :)


Randolph Fritz 09.18.04 at 6:40 pm

Put it up in Vegas!


Cryptic Ned 09.18.04 at 6:53 pm

Is it possible for someone who isn’t already a Spectator subscriber to register for the online version? I’ve tried three times, responded to the email each time, and I believe it’s impossible.

Maybe it’s possible for people in the UK.


John Quiggin 09.19.04 at 11:11 am

Given that it’s suitable for dismantling and reconstruction, why don’t we have a world tour?

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