It’s called gratitude

by Ted on November 4, 2004

Many thanks to guest poster Bill Gardner for his on-the-ground posts about the scene in Columbus. If the bug hits him and he decides to start blogging on his own, we’d be glad to give it some attention.



Kieran Healy 11.04.04 at 9:01 pm

Yes, thanks a million Bill — it was great to have someone on the ground in the biggest swing state this year.


John Quiggin 11.04.04 at 9:17 pm

My thanks as well, Bill. It was a great contribution. If only there were 130,000 more like you!


Robin Green 11.05.04 at 2:07 am

Thanks Bill – it’s not often a blog enlists a local, on the ground reporter to cover a story! It was interesting to read.

(I know Bill suggested it, but still.)


Duane 11.05.04 at 10:29 am

Thanks, and good luck for the next four years!


PG 11.05.04 at 6:05 pm

And Cleveland had given me so much hope…

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