Koufax Award Nominations

by Kieran Healy on December 13, 2004

Nominations are now open for the “2004 Koufax Awards”:http://wampum.wabanaki.net/archives/001502.html. If you think we deserve it, head over and nominate CT for any or all of *Best Blog*, *Best Group Blog*, *Best Writing,* *Best Post* and *Best Looking*. I think that last one is a category.



dsquared 12.13.04 at 8:31 pm

Oh god, it’s the same every year. We get nominated as “Best Group Blog”, which means “Maybe about Nineth Or Tenth Best Blog On A Good Day, But There’s A Group Blog Category So We’ll Nominate Them In That”. And then we lose.


John Quiggin 12.13.04 at 8:55 pm

Talking of which, we won the group blog category in the Edublog awards. So it’s obviously a matter of getting the competition right. “Best left (but not too far left) social sciences & humanities group blog” for example.

The best paper is quite interesting.


tstreet 12.13.04 at 11:36 pm

You are definitely one of my faves. Keep up the good work. On the other hand, there are a few million I haven’t gotten to yet. So many blogs, so little time. If you are indeed ninth or tenth, that’s not too shabby considering the millions.


belle waring 12.14.04 at 2:58 am

best looking? are we going to have to post an online gallery or something? maybe we could use cafepress to make a “hotties of crooked timber” calendar. I foresee huge sales on the basis of dsquared’s inimitable welsh take on tarzan for the july photo.


nick 12.14.04 at 3:54 am

I foresee huge sales on the basis of dsquared’s inimitable welsh take on tarzan for the july photo.

Strategically-placed leek for March, shurely?


Jackmormon 12.14.04 at 4:12 am

Hey, I put ya’ll in for best group blog! If you’re so inclined, I’m whoring for a Billmon best post nomination. I put up his economic trends analysis, “Wild Blue Yonder,” but this is a great opportunity for Whiskey Bar fans to scroll back through the archives.


Martin Pike 12.14.04 at 6:03 am

My agent assures me I’ve got “Best Looking” 3-1 favourite…


David Weman 12.14.04 at 1:31 pm

Eh, the Koufax awards doesn’t have any teddy bears.


Matt Weiner 12.14.04 at 9:15 pm

No no dsquared, you get nominated for “Best Group Blog” because it’s not fair for the lonely interweb toiler who has to keep their* ankle shackled to the desk to keep their own little blog constantly NEW! and EXCITING! if they have to go against a huge group of people, each of whom individually has a life or a side blog or something and only posts once every few days, but who collectively produce more output than Glenn Reynolds snorting Vivarin. That you lose, I have no excuse for.

(Disclaimer: I do not speak for myself–my blog couldn’t really be called “lefty” most days. As you can see the blogger I’ve been discussing most lately is a righty.)

*Brian will back me up on this usage.

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