Merry Christmas!

by Belle Waring on December 25, 2004

I wanted to wish a Merry Christmas to all our readers. As per my last post, I have been slacking off shamefully around here. I plead excessive holiday activity of the sort which precludes sitting in front of the computer. Like, um, all of it. Nonetheless I want to emulate the Corner yet further by asking you all to do the work. OK, it’s a “bleg”, fine, I said it (God, as if the word “blog” isn’t bad enough. I don’t know why we don’t just change the word “post” to “smegma” and have done with it.) I am going to Sri Lanka for a week in January and I wondered if we had any readers there or expats who want to give me advice. Anyone? Marvellous tales from the Isle of Serendib?

UPDATE: As John has noted in the comments, this request has taken on a rather different and most unserendipitous cast in light of the tragedy in Sri Lanka and elsewhere. My deepest sympathy to all those affected. It looks as if I won’t be going to Sri Lanka on the 10th of January, but I plan to go another time soon; I am just changing the dates of my ticket. They can surely use the money. And so, any wisdom is still appreciated.