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by Chris Bertram on December 14, 2004

A commenter to “one of John Q’s posts”: suggested “Asia by Blog”:, which provides a twice-weekly digest of links to asian blogs. And the same friend who drew that to my attention also recommended “Life in China”: , a stunning collection of photographs without commentary.



Luis Villa 12.14.04 at 5:47 pm

Since no one else seems to have piped up, I’ll just say ‘wow’- great links. Thanks.


Amardeep 12.14.04 at 9:50 pm

On the same site, you can find a “Best Asia Blog 2004” competition. The nominations are divided up by country of focus.

Most of the blogs are written by people who are there, but some that have been nominated are ‘abroad’. You can vote here. All the nominations are hyperlinked to the blogs themselves…


nadezhda 12.15.04 at 1:57 am

Just to clarify, the “Asia by Blog” digest is produced by and appears on the blog Simon World (Aussie in HK).

Both Simon’s own stuff and the roundup of other blogs are excellent. Tasty humor, culture, some tech & design, a bit of travel destinations, lifestyle stuff, combined with some first rate business, finance and politics.

If you don’t follow much in Asia regularly, I’d pick it as the best place to drop by occasionally to see what’s happening.


Simon 12.15.04 at 9:20 am

Thank you kindly for the links and the kind comments.

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