Wo Es War

by Henry Farrell on December 31, 2004

David Eisenman informs me in a comment to a previous post that he and his colleagues have just put together a “new edition”:http://www.guydavenport.com/ of Guy Davenport’s novel, “Wo es war, soll ich werden,” which is 35% longer than the original published version. It’s handbound, in a signed edition of 100 copies and looks quite beautiful.



beowulf888 01.01.05 at 6:54 am

OK, I’ll bite. Who is Guy Davenport?


Delicious pundit 01.01.05 at 9:48 am

But I don’t know enough about…actually, I was going to use Marcion and the Gnostic heretics, but really I don’t know enough about anything to read Guy Davenport.


wufnik 01.02.05 at 6:06 pm

Simple–Guy Davenport is the most important literary and cultural critic in the US right now–and has been for a number of years. Start with The Geography of the Imagination, then move on to Every Force Evolves a Form, and then on to The Hunter Gracchus. The fiction is odd stuff, I’ll admit, but often beguiling–but it’s as a critic that Davenport has made his mark, and will be remembered long after people are asking “Who was Susan Sontag?”.


beowulf888 01.03.05 at 5:58 am

So what’s all this shite and bombast in response to what I thought was a legitimate question? Obviously I’ve stepped into an ongoing feud (somebody needs a cookie and nap!).

Thanks for answering my question, Wufnik. BTW: I had read _Geography of the Imagination_ but didn’t associate it with the Davenport under discussion. I guess he didn’t make much of an impression on me ;-)



Doug 01.03.05 at 8:09 am

Classic authors, bound in leather.

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