by John Holbo on February 15, 2005

Thanks to everyone who bought through Amazon. With tsunami reconstruction funds cash-flush, I ended up donating another $250 (on top of the original $500+) to the Doctors Without Borders general emergency relief fund. Thanks in particular to whoever bought the expensive stuff lately. Although I regret to inform that Amazon capped the commission on the tasty G4 Powerbook at $25. I think you got a pretty good deal anyway. I hope you are happy with your sleek new machine. I’ll give again in a month and a half. Whatever accrues over the quarter.



x 02.15.05 at 7:15 pm

Don’t know if someone mentioned it already, but is there any way you could set up the same thing on an Amazon UK account, for those who order their stuff from the UK site?


Darren 02.16.05 at 9:33 am

Is it possible to give without forfeiture?

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