Bloggers and the French referendum

by Chris Bertram on June 2, 2005

The BBC News website has “a piece on the role of bloggers in the French referendum”:, and especially that of a “non” “manifesto by law professor Etienne Chouard”: .



Le Instapundit 06.02.05 at 4:36 pm

Advantage a la blogosphere!


jet 06.02.05 at 4:46 pm

Blogs defeated the referendum, where’s European McCain-Feingold when we need it? We must immediately value each web visit at 5 euros with a maximum of 500 euros individual contribution to campaigning!


jonathan 06.02.05 at 4:52 pm

The dutch translation of this blog found its way pretty fast to the Netherlands, and to me via
Blog-Power! :)


thibaud_ 06.02.05 at 11:23 pm

Cool. The European media elite are even more uniform, more craven and compromised, than their US peers. Bring ’em down. Let a thousand blogs contend.


Abby 06.03.05 at 12:17 pm

Is he a law professor or simply a high school teacher? At the bottom it says that he now specializes in information technology.


versac 06.06.05 at 8:55 am

Actually, blogs haven’t been that active on the french blogosphere. The most successful ‘voice’ has been that of Etienne Chouard, but not on a blog (an old classical personal page), generating 700.000 page views.
I think the main blog on the subject was publius (, on which there has been toghly 400.000 page views, and 250.000 unique visitors. (I’m one of the founders of publius).

The no side has been using traditional “alternative” portals (,, etc…), and turned some of the pages into blogs, but often without the comment option.
The yes side created some blogs (, for instance) but xithout much success, and much comprehension of the specific tone and “independancy” a blog requires.

So, quite far from what we have seen last year in the US, but some good word-of-mouth on the internet. Mainly in favor of the no, I guess.


versac 06.06.05 at 8:58 am

And Etienne Chouard is not a law professor, but high-school/BTS (specific french system, 2 years after baccalauréat) professor in economics.

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