OECD Economic Survey of Ireland

by Maria on March 2, 2006

Hot off the presses. No idea when I’ll have time to read it, on account of me being so ‘time poor’ that I may as well have a peptic ulcer.



des von bladet 03.02.06 at 11:46 am

We may hope you’re not too time-poor to learn, if you weren’t kidding in the first place, that the 2005 Nobel Prize for medicine was awarded for the discovery that ulcers are overwhelmingly caused by bacteria, not by stress, and are easily cured by antibiotics.


reuben 03.02.06 at 12:00 pm

“We spoke to some senior managers whose quality of life was actually worse than that of a coyote inadvertently crushed by his very own anvil.”


reuben 03.02.06 at 12:01 pm

Which is to say, I smell a bit of ye olde hyperbole in that second link.


P O'Neill 03.02.06 at 12:37 pm

Well, going by the Policy Brief version, everything is brilliant except:

No competition in services
High attrition rate in secondary school
Funding crisis at third level
Infrastructure deficit coupled with manic road building not based on cost-benefit analysis
Unreformed civil service
High rate of single motherhood and pathetic childcare
Domestic economy highly dependent on housing, a market heavily distorted by tax preferences and non-pricing of public services

It would be nice to think that the Irish political system could generate a debate about any of these issues, but Bertie’s main focus yesterday, for instance, seems to have been making sure he got his Ash Wednesday Mass nice and early in the day.


Keith Gaughan 03.02.06 at 5:28 pm

Bertie is about as liable to read through the report and take even the slightest heed of it as I am likely to cheer on Rangers.

Which is pretty unlikely.



Maria 03.02.06 at 5:36 pm

Thanks Des, I got the memo…

Actually, the link between work hours and ulcers is not the obvious, discredited one, but simply the factoid that your average Irish manager (espec. one working for a US firm, what with the time differences) is about as unhappy as someone with an ulcer or degenerative bone disease. Could be worse – senior managers’ quality of life maps neatly to that of the terminally ill. There’s an ambition killer for you.


John Quiggin 03.02.06 at 6:51 pm

According to the evidence cited Michael Marmot, health quality and related measures of wellbeing decline steadily as you go down organizational hierarchies. So if the senior managers are miserable, the grunts must be positively suicidal.


Tony 03.03.06 at 6:46 am

Riots and looting by the underclass, and a TB outbreak in the North inner city! Does the OECD mention Ireland’s slide back into the 19th century?

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