Serbia and Montenegro will not be entering the Eurovision Song Contest this year

by Daniel on March 21, 2006

As longtime readers will know, CT is the Internet’s premier research institute for the political sociology of the Eurovision Song Contest. In the recent past, for example, we have warned the econophysics community about the dangers of simple extrapolation from Eurovision voting blocs to national comities.

It appears that recent events have borne us out. I probably shouldn’t be treating this as an “and finally” item, as the Serbian newspaper Danas is comparing it to the 1990 Serbia/Croatia football riot, which was a precursor to the Balkan wars. But I mean really; surely to god, even in the Balkans, nobody is going to kill their neighbours over Eurovision, are they?



chris y 03.21.06 at 4:26 am

You are only justified in killing your neighbours over Eurovision if they’re appearing on it in person.


Andrew Brown 03.21.06 at 4:36 am

People have killed each other in the past over the relationships of the different persons of the Trinity.


des von bladet 03.21.06 at 5:06 am

As I count myself among the many who didn’t prefer Serbia’s early work — it is to be hoped, although not especially by me, that Lois Proyect will turn up to insist that the widespread dislike of their many disturbingly _Völkisch_ turbofolk anthems is purely a result of the machinactions of the imperialiste hegemony on musical taste — I am certainly looking forward to Montenegro’s solo career.


derek 03.21.06 at 5:53 am

We should just thank our lucky stars that It’s A Knockout!/Jeux Sans Frontières was cancelled before Tito died. It could have been World War Three right there.


Guy 03.21.06 at 7:56 am

Jeux Sans Frontières? Wow, that brings back some memories. I loved that. Thanks for that link, derek.


John Holbo 03.21.06 at 8:33 am

So that’s what that Peter Gabriel song was about. I never knew.


Hektor Bim 03.21.06 at 9:00 am

I’m waiting for the conspiracy theorists. After all, the independence vote in Montenegro is the day after the Eurovison Song Contest. Coincidence? Surely someone thinks not.


ogmb 03.21.06 at 2:20 pm

Jeux Sans Frontières? Wow, that brings back some memories.

Yes!! My hometown won in 1976.


hmm 03.22.06 at 5:18 pm

Surely the only deaths Eurovision will ever be responsible for are suicides.

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