Dr. Death and the Tooth Fairy

by Harry on May 19, 2006

Any of you who wonder what we are going on about when we talk about the Eurovision Song Contest, can spend an hour learning about its complete history here (complete with an interview with the marvelous Dana).

I used to be homesick all the time. Now, it is only when I realise that I cannot watch the greatest living Irishman presenting Eurovision on TV.



P O'Neill 05.19.06 at 8:39 am

There’s rejoicing in Terry’s homeland today:

Brian Kennedy has qualified for the final of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with his own composition ‘Every Song Is A Cry For Love’.

He has also made a piece of Eurovision history by being the 1,000th act to perform in the competition, when he took to the stage in last night’s semi-final in Athens.


des von bladet 05.19.06 at 9:14 am

This seems a vaguely relevant place to ask or enquire if any of the local Yuroizhn-wissenschafteurs fancies a bit of abusing of this hard-science-goes-memey analysis.

Personally, I favour the more hands-off Cherman coverage on ARD (available for streamage for the googling).


Sharon 05.19.06 at 10:18 am

Ahhh, time to watch Father Ted again…


MikeAdamson 05.19.06 at 10:40 am

Did you see the band from Finland? Awesome.


Jacob Christensen 05.19.06 at 2:47 pm

In case the headline doesn’t make any sense to you: “Dr. Death and the Tooth-Fairy” were the Great Terry Wogan’s pet names for the Danish hosts Søren Pilmark and Natasja Crone back in 2001.

According to Wikipedia, my fellow countrymen weren’t amused and the Beeb had to issue an apology on behalf of Mr. Wogan. (That will teach you a lesson: Never make fun of the Danes. We have no sense of humour at all).

These days, Dr. Death appears in TV commercials for the Danish Railways while the Tooth-Fairy has moved on to anchor Danmarks Radio’s flagship Sunday evening news magazine.


Dan Simon 05.20.06 at 4:11 pm

And here I thought you were referring to Dana International….


nick s 05.20.06 at 5:03 pm

Now, it is only when I realise that I cannot watch the greatest living Irishman presenting Eurovision on TV.

One can technically watch over the internets, but the stream was unavailable for me, so I contented myself with Ken Bruce.

Anyway, Spiinaal Taap.


Richard J 05.20.06 at 6:04 pm


Go Finland!


MikeAdamson 05.20.06 at 11:27 pm

Told you. What were their odds to win?

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