No Caption Needed

by Eszter Hargittai on July 2, 2007

The link in my previous post is thanks to a new blog: No Caption Needed. It is both a book and a blog by my colleague Bob Hariman at Northwestern and his collaborator John Louis Lucaites at Indiana. This undertaking is “dedicated to discussion of the role that photojournalism and other visual practices play in a vital democratic society. No caption needed, but many are provided. . . .” The blog just started recently, but already offers all sorts of interesting images and commentary.

Now for something different…

by Eszter Hargittai on July 2, 2007


Try it here.

I should probably add this:
Time sink!

(This isn’t breaking news so we may have covered it earlier, but I don’t recall seeing it here.)

The Majesty of the Law

by Kieran Healy on July 2, 2007

This morning, “Orin Kerr noted”: that a three-judge panel had declined delay jail time for Scooter Libby. In an early “comment”: on the thread, I said:

bq. Now we’ll see whether Libby has enough leverage to get a pardon before he goes to jail, or whether he’ll have to wait. Seeing as Bush’s ratings are permanently in the toilet, and he probably doesn’t think Libby didn’t anything wrong anyway, a pardon might well be forthcoming.

And as things turned out this afternoon, “it certainly didn’t take long to come forth.”: Bush commuted Libby’s sentence. (Not a pardon, so we still get to call him a convicted criminal — at least till January 2009, when I imagine a full pardon will be dispensed. But the bottom line is, no jail time for Scooter.) Well done good and faithful servant, I suppose.