Sparse Small-World Graphs Are Disturbing

by Kieran Healy on July 11, 2007

1. “Read”: Henry’s post on Facebook. Signed up out of curiosity and masochistic desire to have smallness of social network confirmed.
2. Joined the University of Arizona network. Noodling around, saw the profile for Joe Grad Student from my department. Looked at his list of friends.
3. Noticed that one of Joe Grad Student’s friends looked familiar. Realized I knew him. He had been a year ahead of me in Secondary School in Ireland in the late 1980s. Jaysus.



ab 07.11.07 at 10:20 pm

Welcome to the facebook effect!

Happened to me twice in last three months.


Scott McLemee 07.11.07 at 10:55 pm

I was recently “friended” by someone who began reading Quick Study out of appreciation for my book Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art.

That would of course be Scott McCloud, who is a completely different guy.

I did point this out to my Facebook contact. We remain friended.


John Quiggin 07.12.07 at 12:11 am

After less than two hours, I have my first “Facebook friend” that is, an FOAF I don’t know in the slightest, who has “friended” me.


todd. 07.12.07 at 1:13 am

Sometimes I friend bloggers I read daily, just because. Then I decided it was a bit weird being one of Carl Zimmer’s 15 friends, so I have decided to lay off.

Anyway, we’ve all got quite a ways to go to catch up with PZ Myers’s 276 friends.


Ingrid Robeyns 07.12.07 at 6:09 am

guys, I can’t help thinking I must be living on a different planet…

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