G.A. Cohen Interview

by Jon Mandle on January 2, 2008

Speaking of G.A. Cohen, “Philosophy Bites” has a brief interview (less than 11 minutes) with him that serves as a nice introduction to his thought.

Election Markets

by Brian on January 2, 2008

Since the U.S. Presidential primaries are about to start, it would be nice to be able to get a read on what the betting markets are saying in order to make some retrospective assessments of how well they predicted the result. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately for some of you, there’s no such thing as what the markets are uniquely saying. Indeed, there are some arbitrage possibilities (if you have access to each of the markets) the size of which you might find hard to believe.
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“Heil Myself!” (and other rude Goldberg devices)

by John Holbo on January 2, 2008

Jonah Goldberg’s forthcoming Liberal Fascism. Ahem. [click to continue…]

Goodbye to the Port and Brandy

by Kieran Healy on January 2, 2008

Time for your New Year’s resolutions.