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by Eszter Hargittai on November 10, 2008

Almost a week after the elections, I continue to be obsessed with related news reading up on people involved with the campaign and the transition team as well as the myriad of interesting opinion pieces. I’ve also found some interesting visuals. Here are links to a few in case you haven’t seen them yet:



Zamfir 11.10.08 at 7:14 am

The election night pictures move directly from “hanging in front of the TV, nervous” to “walking towards the victory speech”. There appears to be no gradual or sudden movement towards the realization of victory.


Joel Turnipseed 11.10.08 at 7:23 am

A lot of these are good–but I also wish there were better aggregations of the worldwide celebrations. I drove through Minneapolis’ Cedar-Riverside area that night (about 12:30) after dropping off a pal who’d watched the returns with us: the celebration was much more joyous & populated than the skimpy set of photos I found on Flickr might imply.

At the time I drove through, the streets were filled for about two full blocks: I just rolled down my windows and high-fived people as I coasted through. Our Subaru took a hell of a beating as a big collective drum–but nothing permanent & there are few neighborhoods in Minneapolis I’d rather have seen celebrating.

Anyone else see amazing photos of the celebration? Where? Were you there?


Eszter Hargittai 11.10.08 at 7:42 am

Joel, you make a very good point. I’ve seen some pics and videos passed around for the Harvard/Cambridge area, but not much else. I’ve also seen friends post pics on their Facebook pages, but those are even less aggregated and accessible centrally. Is there any place on the Obama community Web site to post photos? Have they been aggregating anything? (I’m rushing out the door, otherwise, I’d check.)


A. Y. Mous 11.10.08 at 8:59 am


A. Y. Mous 11.10.08 at 9:00 am


jacob 11.10.08 at 9:46 am

Slog, the blog at Seattle’s alternative newspaper, published several posts worth of photographs. Search by tag 2008 and go back several pages and you’ll find it. I’ve also seen various pictures of the DC celebrations from friends who posted them on Facebook.

I, too, would love to see a list of celebrations nationwide, with pictures and estimates of participation. I really think they’ll be the subject of dissertations one day.


jacob 11.10.08 at 9:51 am

Sorry, that was needlessly cryptic. Slog is at


Roschelle 11.10.08 at 12:02 pm

It’s seems that Obama’s victory might very well divide us more than ever before. Surprisingly it’s not his opponents that are broadening the division but his supporters.


Matt 11.10.08 at 12:26 pm

They are hardly pics from the most surprising location but Lindsay Beyerstein has some nice photos of the celebration in Harlem on her blog. For example, here:

And several more (they are all one picture per link or I’d put more.)

I didn’t go outside for it but I’m just up the block from 125th St. and it was easy to hear the excitement from inside my apartment. It was a rare time when I didn’t mind the noise!


J Thomas 11.10.08 at 12:37 pm

Roschelle, your examples are insignificant.

A little of that sort of thing always happens. It’s like, any time something goes wrong for israel you can find 20 palestinians willing to celebrate in front of cameras, and any time a palestinian child is shot there will be some israelis to cheer and make jokes, but when people look for it and get upset about it they’re creating the very problems they object to.


Righteous Bubba 11.12.08 at 4:48 am

The Republican Party vs. the internet:

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