Man, I haven’t heard this for a long time. Amazon has it for $1.99. A bargain for the Lips completist in your house, or even just in your cranium. Sort of got a Syd Barrett does Brian Wilson in the Midwest vibe, with real low, low feedback-y production values. In short, it sounds a lot like the Flaming Lips. I like “Ice Drummer”. Can’t even link to it anywhere. Not a YouTube video or anything. Goes kinda BAH-duh-duh-BUH-Bah-duh-duh-BUH-BAH-duh-duh-BUH-BUH-DAH. With this little twickle-twickle-TWICK guitar on top. If you can imagine it. There are lots of good songs about drummers, if you think about it. Please provide examples in comments, to prove yourself.

Woodring And Haeckel and Whim

by John Holbo on January 5, 2011

I like the fact that the engraving on Jim Woodring’s Nibbus Maximus is so clearly influenced by my own recent work (via boingboing): [click to continue…]