One of these things is not like the others

by Brian on July 22, 2003

From the NY Times review of 28 Days Later

bq. ”28 Days Later” is rated R (Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian). It has many scenes of maiming, dismemberment, clubbing, shooting, bayoneting and shoplifting.

Actually it’s not _entirely_ obvious that any shoplifting takes place, but we’d need another law and cinema post to work that out.

Gilligan’s blog

by Chris Bertram on July 22, 2003

Thanks to Mick Fealty, who left a comment in the “Sources” thread below, for the pointer to David Steven’s piece on the blogging activities of Andrew Gilligan, the BBC journalist at the centre of the Kelly/sexed-up dossier affair.

GM crops

by Chris Bertram on July 22, 2003

The UK’s GM Science Review Panel has published its first report. Like many people, I’ve found it difficult to make my mind up on this issue in the face of conflicting reports, biased commentary, lobbying by vested interests and so on. There’s good reason to believe that this panel has done (and is doing) a good job. They’ve rejected most of the crazier scare stories about GM technology and food, but they’ve identified one real area of worry: the effect on wildlife diversity of extensive use of herbicide tolerant GM crops. If all the weeds are gone, the animals which depend on them for food will have a hard time. Generally, this is a biotech-friendly report, but one which is sufficiently sceptical and critical to displease the real pro-GM enthusiasts. (For full disclosure, I should say that one of the panel members is known to me, and that fact has enhanced my confidence in the process.)

Learned friends

by Henry Farrell on July 22, 2003

“Larry Solum”: and “Dan Drezner”: are having a minor _contretemps_ that touches on one of my pet peeves; the lack of a one-stop-shop for working papers in political science. Drezner takes issue with a recent “Slate essay”: by “Steven Johnson”: which argues that Google is pushing academics towards writing (PDF-able) articles rather than books.

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