Big Media Barry

by Ted on August 24, 2004

Barry Ritholtz, market strategist and blogger, will be guest hosting Squawk Box, Wednesday, August 25. The show is on CNBC, from 7am to 10am. He says that the hosts will be Joe Kernan, Dylan Ratigan and either Maria Bartiroma, or Becky Quick, and Barry. Very exciting.



by Chris Bertram on August 24, 2004


This is a _colour_ photograph of Lake Windermere last Thursday afternoon! Fortunately there were other things to do and among them was a visit to “Blackwell”: , the masterpiece of Mackay Hugh Baillie Scott. It is a wonderful example of the Arts and Crafts Style, brilliantly conceived and stunningly decorated. It also incorporates work by other leading designers of the period, most notably William de Morgan. It is, I think, worth a very long drive to visit. We also caught the “Sickert and Freud exhibitions”: at Abbot House in Kendal before a much sunnier trip up to Scotland. Normal blogging will resume shortly.