Honest libertarian Jane Galt looks at the new jobs number and says, “I think we in the media should start practicing saying ‘President Kerry’.”

Honest self-proclaimed liberal Republican William Saletan has read the polls in some detail. My favorite part:

Look at the data going back to February. Over that period, Bush’s top score in the ABC trial heat is 48. In the CBS and ARG polls, it’s 46. During that time, Newsweek has repeatedly asked respondents, “Would you like to see George W. Bush re-elected to another term as president, or not?” The percentage saying Bush deserves re-election hasn’t risen above 46. The percentage saying he doesn’t deserve re-election hasn’t fallen below 50. During the same period, Zogby surveys have repeatedly asked voters, “Do you think George W. Bush deserves to be re-elected as president of the United States, or is it time for someone new?” The percentage saying Bush deserves to be re-elected hasn’t risen above 45. The percentage saying it’s time for someone new hasn’t fallen below 51.

Honest liberal Billmon also looks at the new jobs report and says:

High unemployment, high energy prices, inflation-driven wage gains that still fail to keep up with prices. Gee, where have we seen that picture before? Jimmy Carter shakes his head sadly and says, “Don’t ask.”


I just can’t help but point out that the latest Fox News poll shows a five-point swing towards Kerry among registered voters, and a three-point swing among Fox’s definition of “likely voters,” following the Democratic convention – the same one the Fox talking pinheads spent four days trying to redefine as a liberal hate rally.

Meanwhile, Bush’s approval rating has dropped to 44% – a record low for the Fox poll. That’s down three points from before the convention. His disapproval rating has risen to 48% – a record high – from 45% before the convention…

I fully expect to see the smoke pouring out of Bill O’Reilly’s ears as he rails against those biased liberals at Fox News.

You Call That Military Service?!

by Belle Waring on August 6, 2004

I bet many of you are indignant about Kevin Drum’s recent dismissal of the Swift Boat Veterans Who Served Sorta Near Kerry For Truth. So indignant that only white-hot Gibletsian rage could cool your indignity. Actual quote:

GIBLETS: Kerry get down here immediately this is Giblets! We are bein attacked by… monkeys! Viet Cong cyborg monkeys! An we need your help!
JOHN KERRY: “I’m John Kerry, blah blah blah! I cannot help you Giblets because I am too busy gettin intentionally shot in the arm so I can get out of Vietnam!”
GIBLETS: Damn you Kerry that is like desertion from duty! Like way worse than say skippin out of your service in the Alabama National Guard!
JOHN KERRY: “Well screw you Giblets and screw America too! Now I will smoke pot and commit atrocities and plan for a day when I can raise taxes on everybody!”
GIBLETS: Nooo! Daaamn youuu Kerry!
FAFNIR: Giblets why are you talkin to a picture of John Kerry taped to a Barbie doll?
GIBLETS: Goway Fafnir you are messin everythin up!

Read the whole thing: advantage blogosphere!!!

I Am Become Matthew Yglesias, Destroyer of Worlds

by Belle Waring on August 6, 2004

He is no longer merely “Big Media Matt”. He is become Giant Media Matt. Mentioned by name in a Krugman column, thank you very much. Who would have thought that mere editorship at the Harvard Crimson Independent would take a young man so far…Advantage: blogosphere. Sort of. Well, OK, advantage traditional old boys network. Still, Matthew kicks ass.

Our Germs gets a gong

by John Q on August 6, 2004

Australia is such a small country that, whenever any Australian gets noticed for anything[1] we all tend to feel a glow of vicarious achievement. So I was pleased to see that Germaine Greer was ranked second in a Prospect magazine list of 100 top British intellectuals, just ahead of Amartya Sen and Eric Hobsbawm.

Having enjoyed my burst of patriotic pride, I have to ask what they are smoking in the Old Country these days. The Australian view of Germaine Greer[2] is probably best summed up by Geoff Honnor

Greer has metamorphosed into a Barry Humphries creation: the eccentric old bluestocking aunt who loves to blather on in a colourfully opinionated, slightly shocking way about the great issues of the day. These, oddly enough, seem to always come back to the single greatest issue of all – herself.

In fact, Humphries himself would rank ahead of Greer in my rankings of expat Aussie intellectuals. And if you want an expat with bitterly negative views of home, you can’t go past Robert Hughes (admittedly, since he’s based in the US, he wasn’t eligible for the Prospect poll).

fn1. It doesn’t even have to be something creditable. Just being noticed is enough. And we’re not too fussy as to who we count as an Australian. In particular, any Kiwi who’s done so much as pass through the transit lounge at Sydney airport automatically has their achievements added to the Australian total. OTOH, we’re happy to disown Rupert Murdoch.

fn2. I leave aside the shrinking pool of those who are silly enough to be outraged by her provocations