25 years of the German Green Party

by Chris Bertram on January 13, 2005

Today is the 25th anniversary of the German Green Party who, for better or worse, have made a lasting impression on European politics. Der Spiegel (in English) “compares the fortunes of Die Grünen with those of the British Greens”:http://service.spiegel.de/cache/international/0,1518,336637,00.html (founded earlier, but never really made an impression). Deutsche Welle “also has a 25-year retrospective”:http://www.dw-world.de/dw/article/0,1564,1457301,00.html .



joel turnipseed 01.13.05 at 7:36 pm

Andrea Fischer…says: “I think politics without power is not politics. If you say you are not interested in power, you should write for the papers, not be a politician.”

Ach, Andrea, wille kommen Sie bitte in die Vereinigten Staaten! Wir handeln Sie für Michael Moore.


des von bladet 01.14.05 at 11:01 am

Those UK greens, isn’t it? Takes me back: the first election after I attained, as they say, my majority was the 1989 locals [the Speigy-Speig says they were actually Yoorpeans – Ed.], and for some reason the Greens caught a wave. I think I may even ‘ve voted for them myself, because all the other parties are just like part of the system man.

And then their wave just like washed up on the shore and was gone for ever.


Simstim 01.14.05 at 1:25 pm

Given that those once-perennial no-hopers, the Liberal Democrats, look like they might just tip over the line from “modest number of votes and very few seats” to “slightly less modest number of votes and a modest number of seats” in the forthcoming UK general election, I don’t think the UK Greens should give up just yet. They’re making gradual (even glacial) gains in PR-based assemblies and even in local government, the latter of which is where the Lib Dems first built up their political capital. FPtP is a killer though.

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