Blogger sacked by Waterstones

by Chris Bertram on January 12, 2005

British bookselling chain Waterstone’s “have sacked employee Joe Gordon from one of their bookshops in Edinburgh”:,14024,1388466,00.html . Gordon’s offence seems to have been remarks made on his blog, “The Woolamaloo Gazette”: Charlie Stross, “who seems to know quite a lot about this case”: , reports that Gordon has been an enthusiastic and valuable promoter of science fiction over many years and that this looks like a really nasty attempt at corporate restraint of speech. Our campus bookshop is a Waterstone’s, but there are many alternatives nearby (and online). I shan’t be providing them with my reading lists or buying books there (despite enjoying a 10 per cent academic discount) until this case has been satisfactorily resolved. Others should do as they think fit.