It’s like he’s known me all my life

by John Holbo on January 23, 2005

Basically, you’re a razor, and you have to run through a number of
increasingly weird 3D levels, chasing cats, and shaving their balls.
The cats get increasingly hard to find, and there are an amazing number
of them. There are tabbies, tortoise-shells, Siamese, and cougars. As
you complete levels the razor gets more powerful and you have to be
careful not to hurt the cats or neuter them. When you succeed in
shaving a cat’s balls, it spits up a diamond that you can collect.




cls180 01.23.05 at 9:48 pm

All tri-color cats (meaning tortoiseshell) are female. They don’t have balls. Seriously, if we can’t have factually accurate video games….what’s this world coming to? What will we tell the children?


Matt Weiner 01.24.05 at 3:54 am

Dammit, EG beat me to my nitpick. So in the spirit of those fleas have other fleas to bite ’em:
(1) Tortoiseshells can be bicolor, only black and orange, with no white. example
(2) In very rare cases I believe tortoiseshells (and tricolor cats such as calicos) can be male–but only if they’re XXY.

Hm, is that nit worth picking even by my standards? Probably not. But I did get to link to pictures of my cat.


JO'N 01.25.05 at 1:43 am

Actually, the nitpicking is not quite acccurate, since it’s made clear that “Cat Ball Shaver” takes place on a distant planet where tortoiseshell cats are male. In fact, all the cats in “Cat Ball Shaver” are male — perhaps this was done to improve game-play, as it’s never explained in the game where all the cats come from.

Perhaps we can find out the answers to the missing female cats — and other questions — in the sequel, expected to be released for Xmas 2005, tentatively named “Kitty Nipple Twist.”

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