A use for blogging

by Ted on June 8, 2005

While blogosphere triumphalism is one of my least favorite forms of triumphalism, this is pretty neat. Harper’s Magazine wrote a story about Colorado Springs’ large evangelical New Life Church. Colorado Springs blogger Non Prophet wrote about the article, and attracted the attention of both Jeff Sharlet, the author of the article, and Rob Brendle, associate pastor at the Church. Non Prophet ended up interviewing both; he asked Brendle what errors he thought Sharlet had made, then let Sharlet answer those criticisms. It’s an interesting exchange, and one that just wouldn’t have happened a few years ago.



John Quiggin 06.10.05 at 1:49 am

Very interesting, and a good use for blogging, as you say.

The tone of Sharlet’s article is mildly, but pervasively, snarky, which probably explains the response.


Andrew Brown 06.10.05 at 3:15 am

And what tone would you use with these people?

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