by Chris Bertram on June 13, 2005

I arrived at work today to find that my PC wouldn’t start: a corrupted registry. The guy from tech support quickly reached the conclusion that he’d have to do a complete reinstall of the system. Luckily, most of my work files are stored on the departmental server (which gets backed up daily) and all incoming emails are automatically forwarded to a gmail account (so I have copies). Still, a lot of software had gone and, crucially, my setups for Firefox and Thunderbird. Luckily, I had read about “MozBackup”: on the “Lifehacker”: site and had backups of all my settings. Download it now: it has saved me hours of hassle.



abb1 06.13.05 at 1:34 pm

Syncit is back in business. Check it out.


Morat 06.13.05 at 2:54 pm

Windows XP, right? Did he try reverting your registery? Windows does those stupid system restore points for a reason.

I’ve only screwed the registery once under XP (unfortunate power loss at a critical time) but all I did was revert it to the last clean version — had to reinstall a few things, but didn’t lose any data.


goesh 06.14.05 at 7:31 am

sort of like coming back from vacation with a sunburn, ain’t it?


todd. 06.14.05 at 9:27 am

Such operating system failures are also a good reason to keep a copy of Knoppix in the office: you can easily boot from the disk and copy data from the hard drives before reinstalling.

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