Honderich on terror

by Chris Bertram on September 19, 2006

As a guest of “The Philosophers’ Magazine”:http://www.philosophersnet.com/ I went to an advance screening of Ted Honderich’s programme “The Real Friends of Terror” in C5’s “Don’t Get Me Started”:http://www.mydigiguide.com/dgx/wbl.dll?a=6&h=49&PID=22132 series last night. The showing was followed by a panel discussion. I’ve been asked not to write about the content of tonight’s broadcast before it is shown, so I won’t. Regular Honderich-watchers won’t be surprised either by the content of the programme or by my reaction to it, but I won’t post more until after it goes out at 19.15 this evening on Channel 5 in the UK. This post is just to alert interested viewers. The “programme description”:http://www.mydigiguide.com/dgx/wbl.dll?a=6&h=49&PID=22132 refers to Honderich as “Britain’s leading moral philosopher”. I guess there’s room for disagreement about that claim, and much else.

Update: re-reading this post, I guess someone might get the impression that the panel discussion will be broadcast. That’s not the case: a transcript will appear in a future issue of TPM.

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abb1 09.19.06 at 4:55 am

From what I’ve read, Honderich is OK, but a bit too tame to my taste. In some cases he seems afraid to go all the way to logical conclusions.

But I understand – no one wants to get banned for being out of line. One has to walk the line.


James Kroeger 09.19.06 at 7:57 am

Thanks for the notification. I’m looking forward to it.

My personal hope is that professional negotiators will begin to awaken to the fact that an Extreme Generosity Peace offer from the U.S. and Israel would have a very good chance of bringing lasting peace to the region, especially if it is enhanced with a couple of other face-saving ‘gifts.’


Ophelia Benson 09.19.06 at 10:41 am

“a transcript will appear in a future issue of TPM”

Probably the next issue, which is going to press very very very soon, so soon that I will barely have time to sub the transcript. We like to do things on the fly around here.


Ben 09.19.06 at 3:23 pm

Thanks for the notification. I saw it was also a ‘choice of the day’ in our Times TV guide, but hadn’t noticed it until your post pointed me towards it.

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