Let It Be – Naked

by Harry on October 28, 2003

Sorry to lower the tone, but Terry Wogan proimised that today he would have a world exclusive of the first radio play of ‘Let It Be’ from the ‘new’ Beatles album on Wake Up To Wogan. You have to listen on the Listen Again feature you’ll find on the page. It is about 38 minutes into the show. My guess is that it’ll be available today only.

It’ll take a better ear than mine to identify precisely how it is superior to the Phil Spector version, but it is only the title track.



dave heasman 10.28.03 at 4:00 pm

It’d need new lyrics before it could be said to be an improvement. And a bridge.


neil 10.28.03 at 5:08 pm

The biggest difference to my ear is that the vocals are much crisper. Maybe this is because it’s a higher-quality transfer from the originals, or maybe it’s because Spector’s “wall of sound” technique covers up finer details of the performance.


nick 10.29.03 at 2:52 am

The true test of deSpectorisation would have to be ‘The Long and Winding Road’, since that got much more of the Wall o’ Sound treatment than the title track. So it’s a bit misleading. A bit like Terry’s hairline.


Doug 10.29.03 at 10:09 pm

Check out _Glimpses_ by Lewis Shiner. Lead character finds his cassette machine has recorded, decades later, Get Back, the Beatles’ roots rock album that ended up instead as Let It Be. Complications ensue, involving Jim Morrison, Brian Wilson’s Pet Sounds and Hendrix.

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