Stalkin’ Don Brings It On

by Ted on October 30, 2003

So I turned on my computer tonight to read the blogs. I’m afraid that I must have scared my poor fiancee half to death when the steam pouring out of my ears made a loud “toot” noise, as seen in Popeye cartoons.

Atrios posts under a pseudonym, although his real name is Ferdinand Strumpole. I have no business telling him how to run his life. Nonetheless, if I were king, I’d ask Atrios to write the following reply:

Dear Mr. Luskin,

I double-dog dare you to sue me. No, triple.



P.S. Can I still call you a striking failure as a mutual fund manager?

Atrios has all the links, but I’d like to send a shout out to:

* Max Sawicky (“He’s doing for anti-semitism what Al Sharpton is doing for racism”)
* Brad DeLong (“You, Mr. Donald L. Luskin, in your claim that Donald L. Luskin has committed the crime of stalking, have gone beyond mere expressions of opinion and made false and defamatory statements of alleged fact about my client Donald L. Luskin that cannot be justified.”)
* Andrew Northrup (“This firm represents Gollum, formerly Smeagol of Middle Earth. You recently stole the precious. Such an action constitutes tricksyness in the first degree, and we hates you.”)
* and Overlawyered (here)

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Thorley Winston 10.30.03 at 11:58 pm

Thank you for posting the link to There was a great follow-up link to what appears to be a similar lawsuit in PA in which a website was sued for alleged defamation in its comments section.

It should be interesting to see what happens with the litigation if it goes forward. Anyone know if Atrios favors a “loser pays” tort system or if he was perfectly happy with seeing other people and corporations spending their time and money defending themselves from “frivolous” litigation (assuming that Luskin’s alleged claim of defamation has no merit)?

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