by Harry on August 12, 2004

Laura has moved and renamed her blog simply 11D. She now has comments, which presumably has the upside that she doesn’t have to have millions of mini-email conversations; on the other hand it means she won’t have as many nice email conversations. Since I link to her every other post, this affects me more than most: I’ll have to start thinking of things of my own to say. Most impressive is that she has, thus far, only one blog on her blogroll — guess which one? No, don’t guess — go and see.



Russell Arben Fox 08.13.04 at 4:11 am

Laura’s blog is about as good an example of pure, smart, funny bloggery as you’ll find anywhere. If there are any regular CT readers who don’t read Laura, repent, and change your ways immediately.


Laura 08.13.04 at 4:13 pm

Blushing deep purple… Thanks guys.

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