It’s Turned Out Nice Again

by Harry on January 7, 2007

Imagine, 45 years after Britney Spears dies, some young kid mimicking her on Stars in Their Eyes. You can’t. Madonna? I’d be surprised. Jagger, Springsteen, Dylan? Ephemera. Hendrix and Presley? Perhaps they are as great as George Formby. Perhaps.

So a treat for the fans amongst our readers (and I know there are some). Scroll down toward the bottom of this page and click “Watch in real media”, and about 3 minutes in you’ll find a lovely little lad playing “My Little Stick of Blackpool Rock”. He doesn’t quite get how dirty it is (thank goodness) and he’s not yet got quite the presence of the master, but it is wonderful. And heart warming. The curious can see the master himself here, here and here (is that the marvelous Beryl there with him?).