Institutions and Politics again

by Henry Farrell on January 17, 2007

Many thanks to everyone who chipped in with comments on my reading list; I enclose the final (assuming that I can track down a scannable copy of the DiMaggio JITE reading for Week 1) version beneath the fold. Also, the syllabus that I linked to for Jonathan Zeitlin’s course on institutions at UW Madison last week was apparently incomplete; the full version is “here”:

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The cost of the war

by John Q on January 17, 2007

David Leonhardt has a nice piece in the New York Times on the opportunity cost of the trillion dollar Iraq war. Leonhardt does a good job of getting the concept across without actually using the economic jargon. Coincidentally, I have a piece in tomorrow’s (Thursday’s) Australian Financial Review, making the same point, not for the first time, along with a reference to the work Kahneman and Renshon on psychological biases to hawkishness.