Eric Hobsbawm is dead

by Chris Bertram on October 1, 2012

Very sad news. Eric Hobsbawm, one of the 20th century’s great historians, has died. The Guardian has [a report]( and [an obituary]( No doubt there will be more obituaries to come. (In fact there’s [a very nice one by Marc Mulholland]( for Jacobin.)

Say Anything

by John Holbo on October 1, 2012

No, I’m talking about the film, not Daniel’s post (his thread, rather). Following up my bad experience with Sixteen Candles, I rewatched Say Anything and it really holds up. It’s a delight. It’s funny and sweet and sentimental, but in a good way. John Cusack is great. Cameron Crowe is the real deal. [click to continue…]