by Kieran Healy on July 11, 2003

Some of you out there, particularly users of Internet Explorer 5 for Windows, have complained that this page hasn’t been displaying properly for you. Now, if this were a more right-leaning blog we’d shrug our shoulders and tell you to go solve your own damn problems. But even though you use an old and broken browser, we’re a caring bunch here at CT and we don’t like seeing people get left behind. “To Each According To His Need, Even Though It Wouldn’t Kill You To Upgrade” is our motto. So thanks to the skills of John Yuda, we are experimenting with a new stylesheet that should fix things for IE5 users. Please let us know if this centralized solution improves things for you. Users who haven’t been having problems so far should of course see no changes in the usual high quality of service.



John Yuda 07.11.03 at 5:13 am

I think I’ve raised a false alarm; an independant source tells me it still overflows in IE5.5

I obviously need to do more testing. Might want to yank this post for the time being.


Kenneth G. Cavness 07.11.03 at 5:15 am

Damn, John, you’re everywhere!

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