Philosophy and Wine

by Brian on December 5, 2004

It’s a commonly heard complaint that philosophy and philosophers are too divorced from the real world and practical considerations. I always thought this kind of concern was overblown, but nevertheless I’m glad to see philosophy brought into contact with the real world in new and interesting ways. As in this Friday’s “Philosophy and Wine conference”: at the University of London. The philosophers who are speaking are quite distinguished – Roger Scruton, Kent Bach and Barry Smith – and there is a wine tasting as part of the conference, so it looks like it should be a lot of fun. Any readers in London with a spare Friday and an interest in, er, philosophy of wine should pop along.



Matt 12.05.04 at 11:40 pm

This brings to mind a discussion had at the Rutgers-Princeton grad conference several years ago- that what we really in is an actual “philosophical gourmet report”, meaning one that tells you which departments have the best spreads for after talks, and which go to the best resturants after talks or conferences. This seems like valuable information to have when deciding on where to spend the next several years, or where to take a job.


Vance Maverick 12.06.04 at 3:39 pm

Paul Draper should be worth hearing — his wines are great, and his biography is a perfect example of the value of a philosophy education. (I met him at a wedding once, and can report that he’s very pleasant in person.)

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