New year resolutions

by Chris Bertram on January 1, 2005

A happy new year to everyone! Time for those new year resolutions, then. Last year I resolved to learn German and, I’m astonished to say, made considerable progress. So my first resolution has to be to continue and get myself in a position where I can sustain a reasonably interesting conversation or read a short novel. Other than that, my main thoughts are of reading and writing. Thanks to reading Sebald I’ve got into my head the thought of working through Chateaubriand’s memoirs (we’ll see how that goes). And, of course, there’s the thought that every academic has, of writing more and better papers and getting them published in decent places. Before then, though, there’s that tax return to complete….



Baco 01.01.05 at 10:34 pm

Why don’t you start blogging in German, then?


Andrew Cholakian 01.02.05 at 8:15 am

Ahhhh Adjektivendungen! The nightmares are returning!

/me quit after semester two of german


enwe 01.02.05 at 9:46 am

So you’re able to read Frank Schätzing’s “Der Schwarm”. Against the background of the south-asia earthquake, it is higly recommendable to do this. Or, by the way, Frank Schätzing’s article in “Die Zeit”. (


Stefano Bertolo 01.03.05 at 10:20 am

Hi Chris,

as it happens, I have just started reading Chateaubriand’s memoirs myself (a dusty mid-nineteen century Garnier edition I picked up years ago at the most wonderful used books store in Arlington, MA).

Let me know if you are interested in exchanging reading notes.




Jackmormon 01.03.05 at 6:32 pm

I loved Chateaubriand’s memoires. You’ve just got to make peace with the man’s ego…

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