Culture clash

by Chris Bertram on October 14, 2005

The last time Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam was discussed on this blog, he was “being deported from the US as a threat to national security”: . Now, via “Amanda”: , I see that he’s been busy recording with Dolly Parton. As Amanda puts it:

bq. call me profane, but the idea of a noted religious ascetic picking with the Texas Whorehouse lady herself really appeals to me.



Grandma Lausch 10.14.05 at 7:01 am

Stephens/Islam didn’t look or sound like a ‘religious ascetic’ during “Islam awareness week” at the KCL last April. In fact, in was his wife who asked him not to sing in front of a mixed audience.
He also seemed rather nostalgic and proud of his past celebrity status


Anon 10.14.05 at 8:21 am

Texas Whorehouse lady? He probably just wants to get a few jam sessions in before she gets justly stoned to death.


Andrew 10.14.05 at 8:51 am

Well now we can see that he clearly was a threat to national security and they made the right decision.


Scorpio 10.16.05 at 9:43 pm

If you look at what on her newest album, they are likely a better fit than the surfaces suggest.

And Dolly Parton is quite self-made. “Whore” is — a jerkface conclusion based on big hair and big tits, not on anything she has ever said or done. It’s a disgraceful and stereotypical leap based on *someone*’s fantasy of “whore”.


Amanda 10.19.05 at 7:31 pm

I know we’ve all moved on but let me defend myself a little. It was a jokey reference to the movie and not the slightest bit of disrespect — to anyone — intended, if you actually read the rest of what I wrote.

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