Galbraith Score Update

by Daniel on October 18, 2005

Apparently Sir Ian Blair has no plans to resign. This is good news because, when combined with his statement that he wasn’t going to resign in the immediate aftermath of the Menezes shooting, it raises his “Galbraith Score to 2. It might even be as high as 3 if he said he wasn’t going to resign after he was caught trying to arrange a cover-up of the independent inquiry into the shooting. The trigger score is four, remember (it’s derived from the JKG quote “Anyone who says four times that he won’t resign, will”) so there is plenty of hope that we will be rid of the authoritarian, careerist oaf soon.



Matthew 10.18.05 at 10:29 am

The Times Sunday sister declared that he was thinking of resigning, only two days ago. Does this cancel out one of the public “I won’t resign” comments, or enhance them?,,2087-1828055,00.html


Daniel 10.18.05 at 12:01 pm

I think that’s the same story, but “I have considered resigning but I won’t” is an increment to the score not a decrement.


Michael Mouse 10.19.05 at 11:33 am

Maybe I’m being dim, but I can’t see anything in the speech Daniel linked to that has Blair discussing resignation in any respect. So far as I can see he doesn’t mention it – which isn’t grounds for saying he won’t resign, but should leave his Galbraith Score intact. Sadly.

Remember, though, that Galbraith’s quote is an “if”, not an “iff” – people can and do resign without any prior denials. We can hope.

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