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by John Holbo on January 27, 2005

Good deal at Amazon. 43 volumes of original Twilight Zone DVDs on sale for $4.99 each. I recommend volume 2. It’s got Shatner as the salesman who sees the gremlin on the plane wing. Plus a post-apocalypse Burgess Meredith bookworm. Plus "The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street". Plus some other thing. Plus, on a more serious note, I’m still doing the thing where I advance my Amazon Associates proceeds to tsunami disaster relief, which is still needed. I’ve raised a little over $600 so far and am getting ready to cut another check. (The Singapore Red Cross wanted to raise S$1 million and they have raised S$48 million. I’m still hoping to hit US $1000 before the quarter ends.) If you haven’t just plain donated – say, to the American Red Cross – it’s still a very good time to do so. I’ll just stick another Amazon search box under the fold. If you were going to buy anyway, buy in a way that helps disaster victims. It makes sense.

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Joe O 01.27.05 at 5:13 pm

Amazon thinks Ida Lupino directed a lot more Twilight Zone episodes than IMDB does. The hitch-hiker still rules though.


asg 01.27.05 at 8:56 pm

I thought it was John Lithgow who was in the gremlin-on-the-plane-wing episode, not Shatner.


Keith 01.27.05 at 9:31 pm

It was Shatner. My wife got me volume 2 along with several others for Christmas. Both quite good.


paul 01.28.05 at 7:03 am

Lithgow was in the movie version, if memory serves, Shatner in the original.


HP 01.28.05 at 10:34 pm

There’s no big honkin’ box set? 43 is an awful lot of DVD cases. I wish they would put classic stuff like this out in archive editions, like they do for old (pre-LP) music. A nice chronological box set with production info would be nice.

I picked up The Night Gallery season 1 on DVD. Hadn’t seen ’em since I was seven years old. 1) Universal needs better QA on their disks. Lot’s of skipping and jitter. 2) I’ve recently read some histories of The Grand Guignol of Paris. Apart from the fake blood, Night Gallery would seem to be a faithful adaptation of the Grand Guignol formula to TV, right down to the occasional incomprehensibility. 3) Apparently Serling didn’t think much of the show. And the scripts he wrote for the show have some of the most unnatural lines of dialog I’ve ever heard on TV. You can see the actors take a deep breath before attempting a Serlingesque compound/complex sentence with multiple coordinating and subordinating clauses.

Didya ever see the “3rd Rock from the Sun” episode where Shatner guest-starred as the Big Giant Head? They go to pick him up at the airport, and he’s gibbering about a monster on the wing. Lithgow says, “Wow! The same thing happened to me!”

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