Benefits of blogging

by John Q on May 12, 2009

Brad DeLong links to my post on the obsolescence of New Keynesian macro, and concludes

I have to call this one for Krugman, Clark, Akerlof, Shiller, and Quiggin and against Blanchard’s vision of growing knowledge and analytical convergence

I’ve been reasonably successful as Australian academic economists go, but, based on my journal contributions, I would have rated the likelihood of reading the phrase “Krugman, Clark, Akerlof, Shiller, and Quiggin” only marginally higher than that of being romantically linked with Angelina Jolie. Blogging really does have its rewards.



Robert Waldmann 05.12.09 at 3:17 am

congratulations. Also I note that as I read Brad’s post I didn’t find the list “Krugman, Clark, Akerlof, Shiller, and Quiggin” the slightest bit odd. Remember I spelled your name Quiggen a few years ago (of course I also spelled Akerlof “Akerloff” in the bibliography of a manuscript I sent to a journal).


Kieran Healy 05.12.09 at 4:04 am

Well, you were a contributor to CT well before DeLong and Krugman.


kid bitzer 05.12.09 at 4:50 am

“Blogging really does have its rewards.”

having your name associated with famous economists? that’s nothing compared to this:

i saw in a blog somewhere that you were “romantically linked with Angelina Jolie”.

really! that’s a direct quotation! from a blog!


ingrid robeyns 05.12.09 at 7:17 am

As the saying goes here, “you have to know your place”. Now you know yours ;-)
Thanks for all the analyses you’ve been offering us – I know of several scholars trying to catch up with economics who have benefitted, including myself.


JoB 05.12.09 at 7:43 am

In the words of Obelix: “Brurrah! Havo!”


dsquared 05.12.09 at 7:48 am

you never know, now that you’ve shaved the beard off …


rea 05.12.09 at 3:43 pm

I don’t know–Ms. Jolie has never shown a pregference for clean-shaven guys–shaving might have been a mistake from that point of view..


mds 05.12.09 at 4:18 pm

shaving might have been a mistake from that point of view

There’s no guarantee that he shaved well.

And hey, what’s this I read from Carl Cameron at FOX about John Quiggin being romantically linked with fellow socialist Paul Krugman? He even cites a blogger.


Miracle Max 05.12.09 at 4:53 pm

The discredited ideas theme really needs a book, and JQ appears to be the ideal person to write it.


Miracle Max 05.12.09 at 4:57 pm

I will even contribute the title: “Dead Ideas from New Economists.” No charge.


kid bitzer 05.12.09 at 5:35 pm

or maybe “manual amputation”.


ingrid robeyns 05.12.09 at 6:13 pm

I’ll buy the book.


tom s. 05.12.09 at 8:59 pm

According to Wikipedia, it’s basically done.


John Emerson 05.13.09 at 3:15 am

I helped a lot, I’m sure. But it’s Scarlett Johansson that I’ve been linked to.


notsneaky 05.13.09 at 6:33 am

Re: 13, I didn’t get it till I took a look at John’s Wiki page (if that’s what you’re referring to).


John Quiggin 05.13.09 at 10:31 am

When I do Google search, this post is now the #1 result for “romantically linked with Angelina Jolie”. Does everyone have their own personal Google, I wonder?


kid bitzer 05.13.09 at 11:18 am

marilyn monroe was in my dream last night.


kid bitzer 05.13.09 at 11:59 am

sorry: no reason why anyone else should remember a footnote from ‘philosophical explanations’. (google ‘nozick marilyn monroe’).

it was just the idea in jq’s 16 of the private ownership of movie stars.

“no, it really happened!” “yeah right–in your googles, pal.”


E.D. Kain 05.13.09 at 11:36 pm

Exactly how I feel. It’s interesting that blog posts often get more attention than many peoples’ full-length articles. Something about attention span I’m sure.


Dr Paisley 05.16.09 at 3:57 am

Does everyone have their own personal Google, I wonder?

I believe “Personal Google” was a hit for Depeche Mode a year or so back.

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